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MEDICAL. Always consult with your doctor or medical professional before making any changes affecting your child.

LACTATION. This program does not include lactation advice due to the unique considerations involved with each individual. Please consult with a lactation specialist on how to manage milk production and supply during training if applicable.

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Baby Sleep Training Plan


  • Downloadable PDF 14-day sleep training plan for 4-5 months (that includes one night feeding)

  • Downloadable PDF 14-day sleep training plan for 6-16 months (with no night feedings)

  • Covers daily routines, nap and night schedules, developmental trends and training methods for naps, nights, and mornings

  •  Individual user account with unlimited access

  • Add-on support options available for additional purchase

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What People Are Saying:

Thank you Becca for your program! We did the 6-16 months plan when our baby was 7 months old. Currently our baby is now 9 months old and has been very good in sleeping through the night. Our baby still sleeps between 11-12 hours at night now and naps well twice a day!

The Obiso Family

I heard about Becca's program from a friend and wish I had known about her sooner. I've implemented her routine with my third child and it has been the most wonderful thing! It has given me a freedom I didn't experience with my first two. I went from bouncing and rocking for hours every day to laying my happy little girl in her crib and walking out of the room. She sleeps longer at night, naps better during the day and I am doing LESS not more. She and I are both happier which makes the whole family happier!

The Jolson Family

I'm just finishing the 2 week program for the 4-5month old. I have to say.. It works miracles having twins that can sleep 11-12 hours through the night! And also understanding wake windows and nap windows really helps us navigate through the day time as well. I CANNOT recommend Becca and her team enough. Thank you so much for the 2 weeks!

The Quan Family